Call for Special Sessions

BHI 2024 call for Special Sessions

Deadline for proposal submission: July 13, 2024

The IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) is the flagship conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society on the topics of informatics and computing in healthcare and life sciences. The theme of the BHI 2024 is “Deep Medicine and AI for Health”.

BHI 2024 will demonstrate the deployment of BHI informatics solutions that integrate key technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), mHealth, e-Health, human computer interface, telemedicine, bioinformatics, sensors, imaging, foundation models, and public health monitoring, to achieve patient-centric and outcome-driven effective healthcare. BHI 2024 has the following 10 topics: Intelligent reality and metaverse, Large Language Models for biomedical and clinical research, AI for combating long COVID, AI-based clinical decision support systems, Biomedical generative AI, AI for biomarker discovery and drug design, Digital radiology and pathology, Single-cell and spatial omics, Cancer genomics and immunotherapy, Digital Health.

Proposals for Special Sessions

Special sessions within BHI 2024 will feature invited talks from leading researchers covering recent progresses on a specialized topic in multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of health informatics, life sciences, health care, clinical applications, behavioral informatics, health data analytics and health informatics education. Non-technical talks on topics such as research funding, entrepreneurship, or technology transfer may also be included.

All submissions of invited talks in special sessions will be required to follow the 1-page paper format and will not be included in the IEEE Xplore Conference Proceedings. There is no requirement for full-length papers submission, but authors interested in publishing their paper in the Conference Proceedings, may submit, in addition to their 1-page paper, a 8-page paper, following the corresponding guidelines and deadline for full-length paper submission.

Proposals Submission

Proposals must be submitted using the specific Google Form by July 13, 2024.