Rapid Fire Sessions – Author Instructions

IEEE BHI 2017:

Rapid Fire Sessions – Author Instructions

Congratulations! Your work has been selected as a poster with Rapid Fire presentation during BHI2017!  By preparing in advance, you improve your chance of winning the best poster award!

You have already received your Rapid Fire presentation slot during the plenary session right after keynote talk: you  can present TWO SLIDES for 120 Seconds (2 Minutes).

In order to keep the Rapid Fire session on time, you MUST send your 2-slide PPT  (see instruction below) to cpalacios@smithbucklin.com by Feb. 10th, 2017, 11:59pm US Pacific Standard Time (NO Extension)  You need to name your presentation filename as: YourName-Paper#.pptx.

Important Format and Content Requirements:

Please make sure your PowerPoint presentation is in 16:9 format. You can click on the “Design” tab in PowerPoint, then click on “Slide Size”. You should choose “Widescreen (16:9)” from the drown down menu.

Please highlight the major contribution of your work in the 2-slide:

  1. What is the problem;
  2. Why it is important;
  3. How you did it; and
  4. What are the major results and conclusion.

All posters will be on display for the whole conference duration.

You need to hang your poster(s) on Feb. 16th, 2017, between 7:30 AM and 8:15 AM and you can take off your poster(s) on Feb. 18th, 2017 after 7:00 PM.  A handout will be provided on-site listing the location of your poster board for your paper.

Also, you must stand by your poster at POSTER PRESENTATION TIME (5:35pm-6:55pm) for your poster to be qualified for “best paper award” consideration. Conference attendees will be visiting and voting for the best posters. Finger foods will be provided during these poster presentation slots.

NOTE: It is mandatory that each speaker who wants to speak in Rapid Fire must upload the PPT slides pre-conference. This is because only 120 seconds (2 minutes) total are given to each speaker, and all the slides must be pre-downloaded to each room’s computer for automatically playing without the presenter’s intervention as transition during Rapid Fire session. Authors who will not pre upload their slide according to the instructions by the deadline will indirectly forego their chance of participating in the Rapid Fire session (no exceptions).