Special Sessions

Special Session-1: IoT Ecosystems and Smart Living Environments for Aging Well

Time: Thursday 2/16/17, 10:10AM – 11:30AM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Maria Teresa Arredondo, Giuseppe Fico

  • Guillen et al. ACTIVAGE: IoT for AHA Large Scale Pilot
  • Fico et al. The Madrid Deployment Site of the ACTIVAGE Large Scale Pilot
  • Arredondo et al. Innovative Solutions and Environments to Support Active and Healthy Ageing
  • Mokhtari. Inclusive Smart Cities and Digital Health
  • Umpierrez et al. Towards Smart Environments to Sustain Health and Well Being of Silver Generation: Large-Scale Multi-Country Pilots
  • A. Gupta. Addressing the Geographic and Socioeconomic Determinants of Population Health – How IT Solutions May Bridge the Gap

Special Session-2: Computational Methods for Predictive Medicine

Time: Thursday 2/16/17, 14:30PM – 15:50PM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Nenad Filipovic, Hamad Naveed

  • Casarin, Garbey, Berceli. Mathematical Modeling of Aortocoronary Saphenous Vein Graft Restenosis: Clinical Evidences and Cross Validation between an Agent Based Model and a Dynamical System
  • Filipovic, Isailovic et al. Prediction of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Disease Using Biomechanical Model and Eye Tracking Technology
  • Andrikos, Sakelarios et al. Semi-Automated Reconstruction of Coronary Bifurcations Using Angiography and OCT
  • Decuzzi. Computational Nanomedicine: Challenges and Opportunities in the Rational Design of Polymeric Nanoconstructs
  • Patel, Ysasi et al. Development of a toolkit to visualize the components of local junctional forces in lung cells.
  • Tian, Liang. Quantifying Geometry and Persistence of Conductance Pathways in Ion Channels and Membrane Proteins 

Special Session-3: New Generation of Personal Health Systems (PHS) for Smart Connected Health

Time: Thursday 2/16/17, 16:00PM – 17:20PM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Nicos Maglaveras, Sarah Williams

  • Kilintzis et al. Wrist Sensors – an Application to Acquire Sensory Data from Android Wear Smartwatches for Connected Health
  • Diou et al. Data-Driven Assessments for Sensor Measurements of Eating Behavior
  • Paulo de Carvalho et al. Machine Learning and Multiparametric Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Biosignals and Environmental Parameters
  • Maglaveras et al. Big Biodata Platform Enabling Smart Connected Health and Point-Of-Care Diagnostics in Obese, Cancer and ICU Patients
  • Kitsiou et al. Development of an Innovative Mhealth Platform for Remote Physical Activity Monitoring and Health Coaching of Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients
  • Peruvemba. The Maryland All-Payer System – Opportunities to Develop IT Solutions to Improve Quality, Optimize Financial Performance, and Monitor Compliance

Special Session-4: Big Data Analytics & p-Health Solutions

Time: Friday 2/17/17, 10:10AM – 11:30AM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Fernando Seoane, Vicente Traver, John Zaleski

  • Abtahi, Seoane et al. Prognostic Value of Heart Rate Variability for Monitoring Inflammatory Pathway: Suggestion for a Personalized Approach
  • Martinez. PAPHOS: Big Data Analytics Platform for Predictive Healthcare
  • Fernadez-Llatas et al. Making P-Health Feasible: Automatic Detection of Personal Behavioural Changes through Process Mining Analysis Techniques
  • Rojas, Traver et al. From Big Data to Personalized Medicine. an Interactive Process Mining Approach
  • Panayides. The Potential of Big Data Medical Video Analytics in Healthcare
  • S. Williams, J. Zaleski. Improving the Care and Management of Inpatients Receiving Opioids for Pain Management

Special Session-5: Smart Algorithms for Health Informatics

Time: Friday 2/17/17, 14:30PM – 15:50PM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Paulo de Carvalho, Ratko Magjarevic, Constantinos Pattichis

  • Zulj et al. Devices and Algorithms in Patients’ Activity Monitoring
  • Bianchi et al. Smart Algorithms for Cardiovascular Disease: Screening of Sleep Apneas through ECG-Derived Respiration Signals
  • Ramos et al. Interpretable Algorithms for Medical Decision Support
  • Jamsa et al. Interpretation of Data Collected with a Waist-Worn Accelerometer
  • Pattichis. Ultrasound Video Analysis of Carotid Plaque Morphology for the Assessment of Stroke
  • Siogkas, Fotiadis et al. Analysis of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography for 3D Reconstruction of Arterial Trees and Plaque Detection

Special Session-6: Achieving Precision Patient Care via Big Data-Empowered Electronic Medical Records, Devices and Health Systems

Time: Friday 2/17/17, 16:00PM – 17:20PM

Room: Salon 5

Chairs: Marvin Slepian, Fuad Rahman

  • Darcy. From High Risk to High Opportunity: Targeting Interventions to Optimize Impact
  • Hossainny, Rahman. Big Data and Medical Devices: Challenges and Opportunities – Perspective from the Medical Device Industry
  • Slepian, Rahman. Healthcare in Evolution: Needs, Opportunities and Technologies
  • Roveda. Embedded Systems in Medical Devices and Their Integration with Medical Data, EMR and Big Data
  • Tseng. Identification and Characterization of Protein Dynamic Surfaces
  • Naveed. A Structure-Based Framework to Identify Novel Kinase Inhibitor Targets