Best Paper/Poster Winners

Best Paper Awards, IEEE BHI 2017

1st place:

Title: A Tempo-Spatial Compressed Sensing Architecture for Efficient High-Throughput Information Acquisition in Organs-on-a-Chip
Authors: Chen Song, Aosen Wang, Feng Lin, Ruogang Zhao, Zhanpeng Jin, and Wenyao Xu

2nd place:

Title: A Deep Learning Model for Predicting Transcription Factor Binding Location at Single Nucleotide Resolution
Authors: Sirajul Salekin, Jianqiu (Michelle) Zhang, and Yufei Huang

3rd place:

Title:  A Candidate Neuromechanical Biomarker and Dosimeter for Monitoring Cumulative Head Impact Trauma
Authors:  John Ralston, Scott Grafton, Wendy Meiring, Matthew Cieslak, Jon Woodard, Asturias Alex

Best Poster Awards, IEEE BHI 2017

1st Place:

Title: Assessing the Accuracy of Probabilistic Record Linkage Applied to the Brazilian 100 Million Cohort Project
Authors: Clicia Pinto,Robespierre Pita,Samila Sena,Sandra Reis,Rosemeire Fiaccone,Leila Amorim,Spiros Denaxas*,Mauricio Barreto,Marcos Barreto

2nd Place:

Title: Non Invasive Platform to Estimate Fasting Blood Glucose Using Salivary Electrochemical Parameters
Authors: Sarul Malik*, Shalini Gupta, Sneh Anand

3rd Place:

Title: Automated Real-Time Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Authors: William Allen*, Refaat Gabr, Getaneh Tefera, Amol Pednekar, Si Liu, Hang Liu, Matthew Vaughn, Ponnada Narayana