Nirmal Keshava, Ph.D.

Senior Principal Informatics Scientist, Research & Development   Information, AstraZeneca PLC

Dr.Keshava is an experienced big data scientist and leader that has developed innovative solutions for multi-disciplinary problems involving advanced sensor platforms and algorithms, rigorous performance evaluation, and creative visualization. His contributions have spanned biomedical image/signal processing, neuroimaging, genomics, clinical informatics, biometrics, neuroscience, and multi-modal physiology. His goal is to generate insight and value by creatively exploiting data sets of all sizes and types and to work across boundaries to achieve project and institutional goals. Dr.Keshava’s background in signal processing is complemented by several years of in-depth technical and management experience and collaboration with many different academic, government, and commercial partners. He has served in a variety of leadership roles and enjoy defining visions and leading teams to achieve challenging goals.